Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baraka Kasali in the Congo

To all my friends:

I've been pretty vocal and clear about what a waste of time, energy and money it is to give money to Haiti because most of it's going to end up in Switzerland. If you would like to help the misbegotten and tragedy-ridden of this world in a more concrete way and KNOW for sure you're doing good, please let me alert you to the good work being done by my close friend Baraka Kasali in the Congo. I'm sure you're aware of the perpetual civil war and suffering there. Baraka is a Congolese American who went home to visit, began to teach as a volunteer and has decided to stay. He doesn't need money, he needs French-English dictionaries. Old ones are fine. ANY WOULD BE GOOD!!! Buy them new or used at Amazon or If you'd like to know more about where Baraka works in the Congo please go to

Send them C/O: CHELSIE FRANK, 7900 Cedar Street, Greenfield MN55373.

Anyone in the U.K. or Eire should just email me to request a local address. Chelsie will soon be coming home for a short trip to the U.S. before going back again. Please help!