Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The Digital Conversion box in my head
Gets distracted by errant traffic upstairs.
Keith David: Narrator of all our lives,
pleasantly reciting all our yesterdays, for the right price.
Ken Burns all around. Ubiquitous. Educating Me.
Helping me think American.
Now that the sun, having indeed set, I
no longer a true Englishman.
Having learned to be a stars and stripes liberal.
Now I know all about
The civil war
our national forests
World War Two
Abraham Lincoln
Louis Armstrong
The faces of critics and experts. Their wiseness.
Stanley Crouch’s football head.
The nasel whine of Gary Giddins:
(His voice which reminds me of a kid I punched for no reason whatsoever in school one day,
because the timbre of his enunciation just irritated me)
Thank you all!
I now own the boxed set. The book. The soundtrack.
It's like I know Hank Gates and Simon Schama.
Now I can say, sincerely, at cocktail parties, with a straight face, that
the two greatest betrayals of the Twentieth Century were
The Pact of Steel and Dylan at Newport.
Now can we all hold hands
Shake our bling and sing
“This Land is Your Land!!”

—Ivor Irwin

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